Fall 2017

OPH 3 – Ocular Pharmacology, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics

Course Description:

This is a course for graduate students of Master of Science in Vision Science and Investigative Ophthalmology. Dr. Dhar will focus on nanotechnology and teach few classes in Targeted Drug Delivery for this course.

Fall 2016

BMB 710 – Special Topics Graduate Course "Nanomedicine"

Course Description:

This is a special-topics course for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. This course will focus on nanotechnology and its applications in medicine. This course offers an introductory concept of an interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology for students with physical, chemical, biological, medical, and engineering background. This course will be focused on nanomaterials, engineering of nanomaterials, cellular and intracellular interactions of nanoparticles, nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems, nano-based diagnosis, nanotoxicology, and clinical translational aspects of nanomedicines. Unique properties, which are offered by the materials at the nanoscale, will be discussed. Nanotechnology in sensing and diagnostics will be discussed. The topics to be discussed are of considerable interest across a broad range of areas in medicine, chemistry, biology, physics, pharmacy, mathematics, and engineering.