home Currently we have an opening for a Postdoctoral candidate. Candidates with experience in Cancer biology, nanomedicine, mitochondria, xenograft and other rodent studies are encouraged to apply


Passionate PhD students with research interests in fields such as chemistry, chemical biology, nanoscience and nanotechnology, medicinal chemistry, and biology are welcome to join the team. Undergraduates with strong interests in research are encouraged to apply. Prospective students are encouraged to contact through email and schedule an appointment to visit the lab and talk about the group research and dynamics.

Postdoctoral candidates with outstanding records in chemistry, chemical biology, are invited to apply. Domestic and foreign candidates who have obtained funding from government agencies or exchange scholar programs are particularly encouraged to apply. The applicant should have experience in synthetic inorganic chemistry or polymer chemistry, and cell and tissue culture. Additional expertise in one of the following is advantageous: immunostaining, molecular biology, fluorescence microscopy. To apply, send your CV and a 2-page research statement describing your research interests, a brief statement of your reason for applying by mail or combine in a single pdf file and send by email.

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